Mom Doesn’t Know Which Yogurt Container In Fridge Actually Contains Yogurt

I wrote a satire piece for Fuss Class News!

Fuss Class News

QUEENS, NY – An area-wide investigation was launched Tuesday evening when local mom, Shanti Gupta, opened her refrigerator door to find the yogurt dabba that actually contained yogurt was missing.

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Love Your Library

Just a list of reasons why people love public libraries: Books. They have thousands of free books for those who can't afford to buy 50 books per year. DVDs, because even people who can't afford Amazon Prime or a fancy flat screen TV deserve to watch movies and shows. Safe, quiet space for writing, thinking, … Continue reading Love Your Library

Indian Women Worldwide Reveal Red Dot Activates Goddess Mode; Deploys Additional Arms

I wrote a piece for Fuss Class News.

Fuss Class News

WASHINGTON DC – Reports are coming in early Wednesday morning that the bindi, also known as “the Red Dot”, on Indian women’s foreheads is actually an activation switch for what is being called Goddess Mode.

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Kill Your Darlings or Don’t

"Kill Your Darlings" is a phrase that you’ll come across if you‘re a writer or artist. Typically referencing the revision step of creative endeavors, it means that creative work can’t be good or powerful or “true art” if you don’t ruthlessly cut the parts of your work that you love. First of all, you know … Continue reading Kill Your Darlings or Don’t

Louisiana Catch: Review

Louisiana Catch by Sweta Srivastava Vikram is the story of Ahana Chopra’s personal journey wrapped in a professional endeavor. Ahana is a strong and empowered woman, who is healing from an abusive marriage when she loses her mother. To help with her recovery, she joins an online support group where she meets the mysterious Jay. At … Continue reading Louisiana Catch: Review