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Another Life

In another world, in another life, perhaps I had the choice to pursue my own path, to shape my own fate. In that other world, perhaps I could steer my life towards what I love towards those I love towards being loved. I yearn for that life where I wasn’t wrenched away again and again, from the choices I would have made, from becoming my own person. Still I pursue that life, reclaiming what I could have been. What I should have been. Perhaps the path between those worlds is… Read more Another Life

Review: Invisible Traces

Invisible Traces by Sarina Dahlan is an imaginative and poignant tale contained in a brief and beautiful moment that fully conveys the grandeur of love between two people. It begins with an all too familiar question, “Will you remember me?” Set in a futuristic world, Sarina Dahlan’s world-building is masterful as if it were a gentle brush stroke and her writing is evocative of the subtlest emotions that envelope us in the smallest of moments. Goodreads Link: